Your Private Camping Weekend - Planning Guide

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Sharing the cost with friends and family - is the key to getting good value from the Private Camping service. Please use this page to help organise your Private Camping weekend and get an instant per head price guide. When you are ready ... contact us to find out about availability, confirm the price, and book your Private Camping weekend. (

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For example ... if some of your group drop out at the last minute simply use the form to reduce the numbers and get a new per head price guide.

- What's the Event? ... A Title, Name or Reason for your weekend. (put anything you like!)

(Change the numbers below according to your group size) (Click on the title of each item below for more information)

- Total number of people - That will be using the camp field and facilities at any one time.(including children over 4)
- Total number sharing the cost - How you share the cost is up to you - eg you may not want to count the children in your group
- Number of Nights - Minimum is 2 nights (Usually from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon)

(To find out the total overall price - at anytime - simply reduce the "total sharing cost" number to 1 and recalculate)

£ - Cost Per Person (for nights) with sharing the cost

THE BASICS: This is the minimum amount of facilities ... farmers will not agree to rent a field unless The Private Camping Company are providing at least the basic facilities below. (You must use the tick boxes to select at least - Field, choice of Toilet, Firepit & Waste Removal)

£ The Field - Locating a field, Liase with farmer, Field Rent, Site mgt, Insurance, Permits, Site visits, etc etc

We always try to find a field that meets all your requirements ... however some requests are more difficult to organise, if there is something about a location that you "must have" in order to confirm a booking please let us know. (There may be a small extra charge, depending on the request)

£ Composting Toilet - There is no flush, a handful of lavender scented sawdust is all thats needed
£ Chemical Toilet - Not all locations are suitable for these festival favourites - let us know if you think you need one.
£ FirePit and Wood - Large Firepit plus enough wood for a weekend - refills will cost £20
£ Waste and Recycling - Bottles, cans and plastic are recycled - paper / cardboard can be burnt in the firepit

£ Delivery of equipment and facilities to the Private Camping site - and removal afterwards (must be selected!)

£ - Cost Per Person (for nights) with sharing the cost

THE ESSENTIALS: Most groups opt for comfort and include the following ... but it is possible to do without some of these items if you really want a back to basics camping experience.

£ The Marquee - Large canvas ex-Military, frame style, Marquee - plus one large table.

Strongly recommended!! this weatherproof Military Marquee provides a communal shelter for your whole group - so if the weather is bad, it won't spoil your weekend!.

£ Water - 200 litres of water for drinking, washing and cleaning.
£ Electric - Deep cycle 12v batteries and an inverter to produce standard 240v mains style supply (approx 160 amp/hours)
£ Lanterns and Candles - If you don't want electric - or just need a back-up - enough Lanterns & candles to light the marquee
£ Shower Tent and Porta Shower - Shower Tent, small wash basin, and a Hozelock Porta Shower (Just fill with warm water)

£ - Cost Per Person (for nights) with sharing the cost

THE LUXURIES: Here is our ever expanding list of extras we can organise for you - why not upgrade from camping to Glamping!!

Sofas ... we source second-hand 2/3 seat sofas locally and can set them up to create comfortable seating areas in the Marquee.

£ 1 Sofa
£ 2 Sofas
(Larger group sizes will have a larger Marquee and may have room for 3 or 4 sofas)
£ 3 Sofas
£ 4 Sofas

Chill out / Seating areas - Raised areas with lots of cushions - bedouin style!
(Areas are slightly larger than sofas above)

£ 1 Area
£ 2 Areas
£ 3 Areas
£ 4 Areas
£ 5 Areas
£ 6 Areas

£ Water Heater / Shower Unit - Portable Instant Water Heater - use as shower, or for washing up ... instant hot water!
£ Triple S Kettle - A large (5 litre) Storm Kettle - use directly on your campfire to heat water for washing or drinking!
£ Woodburning Stove - Swedish Military stove/heater - very simple & easy to use ... fits inside Marquee and will transform the camping experience!
£ Washing Up Barrel - Recycled barrel fitted with a large sink - really useful for lots of washing up.
£ Fridge - Camping fridge powered by CP250 Gas Cartridges or electric.
£ Cooking Tent - A separate covered area for cooking. (Does not include any cooking or kitchen equipment)

£ - Cost Per Person (for nights) with sharing the cost

The items below are based on the ideas and requests of previous Private Campers - the prices shown below are for guidance only and to help with initial planning and budgeting - just let us know if you are interested in any of these items and we will confirm availability and price.

£ Half Barrel BBQ - A large BBQ made from recycled oil drum - includes 1x 6kg bag of charcoal.

£ BBQ Chef - Includes large BBQ, local meats, salads & bread and an experienced BBQ Chef.

£ Breakfast Buns *** NEW *** - x2 large sausage, bacon and egg breakfast buns each. Cooked for you in the field.

£ Hog Roast - Hog or Lamb Roast - delivered part cooked for you to finish off and serve.

£ One Pot Meal - A large pot of casserole & crusty bread ... keep it warm on your camp fire and help yourself - £6 per head.

£ Pie and Peas - Traditional northern favourite - individual locally made pies with peas, gravy etc - delivered for £4.50 per head.

£ BBQ Packs from local farms - Various options of high quallity meat from local farms - allow £7 per head as a guide price

£ Fresh Eggs from local farms - Fresh free range eggs for everyone each morning!

£ A Cask of local Real Ale - (72 pints) set-up & tapped before you arrive to give it time to settle before celebrations begin!

£ A Keg of local Lager - Set-up with simple dispensing equipment ready for when you arrive

£ A Jockybox beer cooler - Simple cooling system for your beer

£ Igloo Maxcold Coolbox - Very large cool box & ice packs - 156 litre capacity will hold over 200 cans of lager!!

£ Wireless Music System - High quality wireless speakers - just place them around the marquee ... or the field - 100m range!!

£ Silent Disco Equipment *** NEW *** - Music all night, as loud as you want, without disturbing the locals! Find out more here

£ Giant Garden Games - Currently have Giant Jenga, Chess, Twister, Swingball ... always adding to the list so keep checking.

£ Sports Packs - Football Goal Posts (& net), Volley Ball & Multisports packs including Rounders set, Cricket, Football etc etc

£ Adventure Activity - Raft building, kayak to the island, and many more (just a guideline price, this will be organised with a local Adventure Company).

Although useful in some circumstances ... a generator is not always necessary and we generally try to discourage their use. However if you think you need one let us know your power requirements and we can help you with the decision.

£ Small Generator & water proof enclosure - a 1000w generator plus a full tank of fuel to get you started. Please see more info about generator usage - here

£ - Cost Per Person (for nights) with sharing the cost

Tents For Hire - We now have a couple of sleeping arrangements for hire - please find out more - here .....(confused? - Tent Prices Explained)
(Bell Tents hire price is £60 each - max = 10 people)
Bell Tent 1 - How many sharing? - - Total cost per person (including tent hire) for these people will be - £
Bell Tent 2 - How many sharing? - - Total cost per person (including tent hire) for these people will be - £
Bell Tent 3 - How many sharing? - - Total cost per person (including tent hire) for these people will be - £

(Khyam Tent hire price is £25 each - max = 2 people)
Khyam 2 person tent 1 - How many sharing? - - Total cost per person (including tent hire) for these people will be - £
Khyam 2 person tent 2 - How many sharing? - - Total cost per person (including tent hire) for these people will be - £
Khyam 2 person tent 3 - How many sharing? - - Total cost per person (including tent hire) for these people will be - £

Now you have a rough idea of the price of a Private Camping weekend you can save your selections using the "Save My Selections" button opposite. (Don't forget to enter a Title for your Private Camping weekend and choose a username & password.)

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