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Electricity is supplied in the form of a battery bank and when possible, (i.e. the sun comes out!) batteries are recharged from solar panels.

For the techically minded this consists of two Deep Cycle 12v batteries connected in parallel to create approx 160 amp hours. A 350 watt inverter (500 w peak) then converts to the 230v uk standard ... enabling you to power most appliances.

What this means is that yes the batteries will power things like laptops, ipods, lights, speakers for music etc ... but it is a limited supply.

When first tested the battery supply powered a (loud!) speaker system, a laptop, and low watt light for 8 hours continuously. (4 hours of loud music and lights per night?)

If you are careful with the battery use - there will be plenty of power for lights in the evening and music (ipod / laptop and small speakers) for the whole weekend. (There is a battery level indicator to help you)

Of course ... it is your electricity so you can use it however you want! Some groups decide to use most of their electric on one night with lots of music ...then get the guitars out for an accoustic / unplugged evening for the second night. (Try to make sure you have enough left for lights on both nights!)

If you do run out ... we can recharge for you but this could take 6 to 8 hours. So we could take the battery away in the morning and return it ready for the evening if necessary.

As we are all totally addicted to electricity here are some tips for conserving your power use:

Music too loud! - the louder it is ... the quicker it will run out! you are in a remote location ...so you can keep a lower level as there is literally no other sound to compete with.

No hair dryers, electric kettles - or anything that is designed to produce heat.

Switch off lights when not needed.

Don't charge all your phones! - do without for a few hours ... maybe keep one charged for emergencies.

... all common sense really.