Fire Chimney

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The Fire Chimney is our own development of the "Campfire Smokestack" from the USA. 

We will be continuing this development ready for the summer season - so may look slightly different to pictured when finished and tested. 

Essentially the Fire Chimney is a metal tube (chimney) placed in the center of a camp fire. The chimney effect creates a strong updraft , drawing smoke up (and away from your eyes!) and creating a hotter, more efficient burn. Once lit, even wet wood will  burn completely.

The fire can be built around the tube  for a more efficient, hotter open fire ... or a smaller fire can be built up inside the tube - like a wood stove - for maximum smoke reduction and heat control.

Keep checking back ... as soon as we get pictures of the final designs we'll put them up here

(Flames are very impressive in these pictures! - your Fire Chimney doesn't have to produce 6ft flames - unless you want to!!).