Pie and Peas

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Traditional northern dish - with an award winning artisan twist - each serving is a locally baked individual pie with peas and gravy.

Made by Kirsty at our local Bakery - The Bakehouse at Greenodd. 

This is a good option as a quick and easy meal solution for any time over your weekend - delivered hot and ready to eat straight to your camping field.

Pie options:

Meat & Potato - Beef mince stewed with carrots and potatoes.

Spring Chicken - Chicken and spring greens based in light cream and white wine sauce, seasoned with garlic and lemon.

Shin Beef Chilli - Chilli beef in a hot water pastry case topped with tortilla chips and cheese.

Bangers and Mash Pie - Chipolata Cumberland sausages in a white onion and cider gravey topped with creamy mash potato.

Sag Aloo (Veggie) - Potato and spinach based curry topped with an onion bhaji crust.

Cheese Potato and Ale (Veggie) - Cheddar and Lancashire cheese syewed with potatoes and ale.