Local BBQ Packs

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Locally sourced BBQ packs ... if possible direct from local farmers. In some cases you may be eating meat that has actually been grown in your Private Camping field!

The planning guide is allowing 8 per head - all the meat is locally grown and very high quality.

We take the advice of our butcher and any special deals that are on offer at the time to get you the best value selection of meats and cuts.

Typically  this will be a selection from the following:

(Minted) Lamb Steak, Cumberland Sausage,
Chicken Supreme, Sweet Chilli Pork Steak,
Chinese Spare Rib, Gammon Steak, Rump Steak,
Sirloin Steak, Cajun Chicken thighs, Large Burgers,
Various smaller sausages (i.e. not cumberland sausage) – Pork & Leek / Pork & Apple etc

There will be enough for each person in your group to have something like - a Minted Lamb Steak, a Sweet Chilli Pork Steak, a Large Beef Burger and some Pork & Leek sausages. 

Some of your group will eat more! - some will eat less ... the packs are very generous and most groups will have some food left over. (Useful for lunch the next day!)