One Pot Meals

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(Note: Currently changing suppliers, some details may change)

One Pot style casseroles and stews – prepared off site and brought to your camp ready to eat.

Could be warmed over your camp fire or on top of the Woodburning Stove - for you to help yourself whenever you are ready.

This has been a popular option as a meal for your arrival day ... everyone can arrive at different times but still help themselves to some hot food once settled in.

A few examples:

Chunky Beef Chilli

Pulled pork with root vegetables in a Smokey BBQ sauce

Beef or Pork Goulash

Vegan bean and lentil Chilli

Cajun Chicken Stew with sweet potatoes

Pork/Chicken or Vegetarian Thai Green Curry

Whatever you choose would be brought to the field in a large pan for you to help yourselves and served with crusty bread.