Chill-Out Areas

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Our "Chill-out" areas are essentially large raised seating covered in cushions.  They can be moved and re-arranged to provide sofa style seating or pushed together to form  "Bedouin" style chill-out areas.

The Sofas and Chill-out areas will go well together to create a fun and comfortable space to relax after a hard day of camping!

Each one provides the equivalent of a x4 seater sofa

Chill-out seating areas are larger than our sofas and with lots of cushions they can be just as comfortable. A good choice for larger groups.

Just select how many you think you will need and we can advise you about the right number for your group size.

As a general rule, enough seating for about two-thirds  of your group number is plenty. It is rare that everyone will want to down at the same time.