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Electricity is supplied in the form of a battery bank.

For the techically minded this consists of two Deep Cycle 12v batteries connected in parallel to create approx 200 amp hours.

Also includes a 350 watt inverter (500 w peak) that converts to the 230v uk standard ... enabling you to power appliances that use a standard uk plug.

If you are careful with the battery use - there will be plenty of power for lights in the evening and music (ipod / laptop and small speakers) for the whole weekend. (There is a battery level indicator to help you)

If you do run out ... we can supply a fresh charged battery if needed at an extra cost. 

Tips for conserving your power use:

Music too loud! - the louder it is ... the quicker it will run out! you are in a remote location ...so you can keep a lower level as there is literally no other sound to compete with.

No hair dryers, electric kettles - or anything that is designed to produce heat.

Switch off lights when not needed.

Don't charge all your phones! - maybe do without one for a few hours ... keep one charged for emergencies.

... all common sense really.