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Generally we discourage the use of generators! - not great for environment, peaceful enjoyment of the countryside etc etc

Most of the time groups can manage with minimal electric power use and our Battery Bank System to provide lights, charge phones etc.

However ... there are some circumstances where a generator is more appropriate. Please feel free to let us know what power requirements your group will have and we can advise on the best set-up.

Generally if you want to play music through a small PA system or powered speakers ... and maybe run DJ Decks and some lights as well - then a generator will be needed.

We can provide a "Silent / Suitcase" style petrol generator (smaller 1000w or larger 2000w units) These are perfectly capable of providing plenty of power for music and light systems ... even smoke machines!  If you need more than this ... then its probably going to be too loud!!

If you want to bring your own generator then it must be a "Silent" or "Suitcase" style .