D.I.Y. Hog Roast

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Not a whole pig Hog Roast !!! ... a whole hog is far too big and difficult to cook! - so we use a large boned Pork leg.

The meat is cooked first in a (very expensive) hi-tech oven to guarantee a core temp of over 74 'c - but without fully cooking the skin. 

Then we transfer the meat to your field and set it up on a Charcoal BBQ spit roast - for you to turn by hand and create beautiful BBQ flavoured pork crackling.

So all you need to do is finish off the cooking - crisp up that crackling! ... and help yourself! 

One pork leg is plenty of food for upto 30 people and we can adjust the size to cater for different groups.

Plates and cutlery plus a selection of salads, apple sauce, mustard, stuffing and bread buns is included in the price.

A fantastic center piece / talking point - the smell is mouth-watering, our "pre-cooking" oven method ensures the meat is cooked but still moist and the BBQ adds that proper outdoor flavour.