Keg of Lager

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Instead of overloading the car with cans of lager why not all chip in for a keg? 

A standard 11 gallon keg is roughly 88 pints and we provide a simple "Party Pump" dispenser.

When ordering a keg(s) of lager you must also select the Jockybox Beer Cooler as well.

The Jockeybox is essential for dispensing from a lager keg  without this extra cooling the lager is too foamy / frothy.

All our beers come from our local Coniston Brewery and the recommended choice is teh Thurstein Pilsner (4.8%)

Thurstein Plisner top fermented Lager uses 100% Hallertau Hersbrucker leaf hops from Southern Germany, Pale malt and wheat to give an authentic crisp, clean, Continental style beer.

Thurstein was the name given to Coniston Water by Norse settlers in the Dark Ages.

We can pick up the beer from the brewing company, on your behalf, and set it up in your location as early as possible on your arrival day. 

We can't collect more beer for you once your weekend has started so try and work out how many casks you will need for the weekend.