Number of Nights

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**2x Night Min Stay ** 5x Night Max Stay**

The minimum length of stay is 2 nights because it is just not economical to set everything up for anything less. You are, of course, welcome to stay for just one night - but the price will be the same ... and you will always have the option to stay for a second night if you wish..

Maximum length of stay is a long weekend or x5 nights max. 

The reason we have a short stay policy is because we are committed to returning the field in good condition back to the farmer. Any damage to the grass, tyre tracks, muddy areas or bare patches etc need to recover quickly so that the farmer can use the field again ... and also so that we might be able to use the field for camping again once it has recovered.

From experience we have found that even the most conscientious camping groups on longer stays cause too much unavoidable damage ... that then takes too long to recover. Even if we return to a field we have used before, we often have to change the location of the camp within the field to minimise damage.

Hope you can appreciate this need to protect the field -  If you are looking for a longer period maybe combine a short stay with us followed by a stay on a regular campsite nearby?