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Tents for Hire

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Generally the Private Camping concept is based around people bringing their own tents.
However, providing the best possible camping experience is our main concern - and if you haven't got a decent tent there's not much worse than having to spend a wet weekend in a 
cheap "water resistant" festival tent.

So this summer we have two options for tent hire -
A SoulPad 5m Bell Tent  -  

Without all the usual Glamping paraphenalia a Bell Tent of this size can provide a huge open sleeping area. The sewn in ground sheet makes it very weatherproof - so you can throw in lots of sleeping bags and camping mats and share the extra cost with friends
The Bell Tent is 5m in diameter and in the middle is 3m high. The entrance to the tent is 1.6m tall.

A Khyam 2 person tent -
Khyam are good quality tents and this basic 2 person tent will fit all but the very largest double camping beds (check your bed sizes first!). Perfect for couples wanting some cosy privacy or individuals wanting to stretch out a bit. 

We have 3x Bell Tents and 3x Khyam tents for hire so if you think you will want them - let us know as soon as you can so we can check they are available for your weekend.