The Field

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The Private Camping Company do not own any land or camp sites - but will negotiate with local farmers on your behalf to find you a suitable camping location.

Finding locations that closely fit the needs of each group - is at the heart of the Private Camping business - groups that make a lot of noise need to be more remote groups with children need to be safe groups with campervans need solid ground every group has different requirements.

It is often not possible to offer a field that is perfect in every way, but Private Camping is committed to find a field as close as possible to the requirements agreed with the group.

Once you have decided that you want to go ahead with a Private Camping weekend - we will search for a location and make arrangements with the farmer.

It is important to understand that we only use fields that are:
- available at the time - i.e. the farmer is not using it.
- the best match to your requirements.
- suitable according to the weather forecast for your stay.

(For example high winds or heavy rain may force a last minute change of location for you.)

The process of chosing the best field for you is very much dependent on what the farmers have available and the weather conditions - neither of which can be predicted very far in advance!

We usually secure a number of suitable options then finalise a location with the farmers much nearer the date .. once we can be (reasonably) sure of the weather. In some cases this decision might not be finally made until a week before you arrive!

To some people this can be a bit of an issue ... to others it is all part of the adventure! ... but we do commit to finding you a field as close as possible to your requirements and the best location according to the weather at the time.

Please let us know as much as you can about your plans and the sort of camping experience you would like as all these factors eg noise levels, number of cars, any animals, any children etc will help us ...(and the local residents!) ... find you the best locations.