Total Sharing the Cost

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This is the total number of people who will be sharing the cost equally. Most groups will simply share the cost out among all those that are coming to get a quick and easy "per head" price guide.

However, there may be some circumstances where you might want to share the cost a little differently.

For example - If you are planning a birthday celebration for 20 people ... you might want to share the cost over 19 people and let the birthday boy / girl come for free.

Or if you are a group of families with children ... you might want to work out a price per family unit rather than per head.

How you share the cost is totally up to you ... if you want to find out the total overall cost of your weekend just change the "Total Sharing Cost" number to 1.

If some people in your group drop out at the last minute - you can change the "Total Sharing Cost" number accordingly and quickly find out a new "per head" price for the rest of the group.