Waste and Recycling

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Leave No Trace!

Waste bins will be provided. It is vitally important that all waste and litter is collected and put into the appropriate bins. Lifestock will move back onto the field soon after you leave and can easily ingest things like bottle tops, tent pegs, plastic, disposable cutlery etc etc causing serious damage and expensive vets bills.

We would also discourage groups from bringing glass bottles ... any broken glass can cause more damage to the lifestock - either cutting their feet or by shards of glass being consumed with the grass!

If you have to bring glass bottles please be very careful..!

All waste goes to a large "picking plant" facility where all the recyclable material is removed.

We also try to encourage groups to be sensible about the amount of extra packaging and disposable products they bring with them ... as they add to the volume of waste that has to be removed from the field.

We understand that people often tend to fall into a "festival mentality" regarding litter while enjoying their weekend .. ! and ask that the group make an effort to clear up before they leave.

We will of course check the field for litter as you leave ... if we feel there is too much you may lose some of your deposit.