The Marquee

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The Marquee is a key part of the Private Camping / Group camping concept. It provides a communal area for your group to eat, drink, relax, play music / games, store equipment and food. Providing shade in the summer heat ... and shelter from the summer rain!

We use ex-British Army, canvas, frame style marquees ... known as the Mk 1 General Purpose Shelters or Mess Tents. These are ... as you would expect ... very simple, extremely well designed and more than enough to cope with all but the most extreme weather conditions.

The Marquee is essentially your insurance policy against the infamous lakeland weather! ... ensuring that whatever happens you will always have a large warm, dry area to enjoy your weekend with friends and family.

The basic Marquee hire includes just one large table. For lighting inside the Marquee we would recommend you also hire the Electric (Battery) Unit  (which comes with some low watt LED lighting strips) or the Lanterns.

The Marquee is a modular structure and can be set-up in various sizes ... we will ensure that the Marquee is set-up according to your group size and this will be reflected in the price guides.

Don't forget to check out the "Luxury extras" section of this website where you can hire sofas and / or rugs and cushions to create comfortable fun "chill-out" areas within the marquee.

Feel free to bring any decorations ... banners, bunting, flags etc to transform the Marquee into your personal themed event. We will help you put them up ... perfect for birthday celebrations!