We are very lucky to live in the south west lakes, and aim to make the most of living where we do. Private Camping started as a way to help others to enjoy the real beauty of our local environment without being tied to the strict rules of the many campsites in the area. These campsites are often not suited to large groups of families or adults who want to go to bed past 10pm at night or who like a lot of privacy.

We are developing a list of contacts with local farmers (starting with our neighbouring farms) and intend to rapidly extend these contacts further into the Lakes.

Currently we are prepared to arrange highly individual private camping experiences for people based on plenty of communication between the client and ourselves. We will only offer what we can guarantee to deliver and through this communication aim to ensure that we meet every expectation of the group.

So… that's us, if you are still interested, let us know exactly, what where and when you are thinking about and we will get back to you with our suggestions, what we can currently offer you, and a sensible quote.

Look forward to hearing from you