Currently we are prepared to arrange highly individual private camping experiences for people based on plenty of communication between the client and ourselves.

We envisage our clients to be those who are prepared to sacrifice the convenience of a camp shop and a conventional shower block for some real freedom and privacy.

For each booking we negotiate with local farmers on your behalf and secure the exclusive use of a field for your Private Camping weekend. The location and type of field we select will depend on your requirements - if lots of late night music is your thing we will find a remote location for you. If you want to get away from the crowds and enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside, then we can find a secluded spot in a beautiful location.

So tell us about your perfect camping weekend and we will do our best to find the perfect location.

Of course because this will be your own Private Camping field there will be none of the usual crowded campsite restrictions. Have a sing-song round the camp fire if you like ... stay up late ... let the kids run wild for bit ... or ... maybe you'd like to get away from the noisy crowds and enjoy getting back to basics in the absolute peace and quiet of your own exclusive location.

We are looking to attract groups of typically around 20 - 25 people or more ... maybe 5 or 6 families on a camping holiday together ... or groups getting together for a weekend birthday celebration ... anything like that.

So call your friends and family and start organising a Private Camping holiday ... tell us what sort of camping experience you would like and find out how we can help.

Look forward to hearing from you