It is important to understand that the Private Camping Company do not own any fields or campsites - but will negotiate with local farmers on your behalf to find you a suitable camping location.

We cannot book out specific fields in advance because it is impossible to predict exactly which fields will be available and suitable according to the weather conditions, until a week or two before you arrive.

Although this can sometimes be an issue - most groups feel this adds to the excitment and adventure!!

Finding locations that closely fit the needs of each group - is at the heart of the Private Camping business - groups that make a lot of noise need to be more remote … groups with children need to be safe … groups that want a game of football need some flat ground … every group has different requirements.

It is often not possible to offer a field that is perfect in every way, but Private Camping will committ to finding a field as close as possible to the requirements agreed with the group.

We have a number of potential locations (too many to list) - most this summer are in the South Lakes near to Coniston Water. Once a booking is confirmed we then begin a search to find a field that is both suitable according to your requirements and available on the date that you have booked.

Although there are a few pictures of our Private Camping fields and locations below ... the best place to see the sort of locations we can find is on our Facebook Page - where you will find pictures of previous camps, comments and reviews.
Lots of space, a wooded area behind and views of Coniston Old Man. Local pub nearby and just a few minutes drive from the lake.
Same shot from further back showing nice flat camping area and just showing branches of the trees in the wooded area to the right.

Lovely shady wooded area with river continuing past on the right and the camping area just on the other side of the trees on the left.

This amazing location does have some houses nearby on the other side of the river so there will have to be some form of late night noise restriction - but a very private site perfect for small groups of friends or families to enjoy the peace and quiet and the beautiful views.


Banana Field3
This is a very beautiful location ... with 200 meters of lake shore access on Coniston Water!! - a good view of Peel Island and the rest of the lake - easy access from the road and with parking areas nearby ... ideal for any water based activities.
Banana Field

Although this land has been recently purchasedfrom The Lake District National Park it is still classed as "open access" land - similar to the rest of the lake district fells.

This means that although no-one else is allowed to camp, pitch a marquee, have a fire etc etc - people are still permitted to walk through the land - during the day you may get a few people walking along the lake shore.

Banana Field2
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