"Spreading the cost" - is the key to getting good value from your Private Camping experience. This way a group of friends or family can pool resources for an affordable but exclusive camping experience.

Please try our new 2024 Planning Guide:

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The Planning Guide will provide you with instant per head price guides and all the information you need to plan your Private Camping Weekend.

Reasons to book a Private Camping weekend:

1. Your camping field will be available exclusively for you and your group, on a real working cumbrian hill farm - definately off the usual tourist routes and in some cases this will be the first time camping has been organised on the land.

2. We can provide a weather-proof marquee as a communal area for your group - this is your insurance policy against bad weather! Whatever happens you will be able to get together and enjoy your weekend regardless of what the infamous Lakeland weather decides to throw at you.

3. Depending on location, there will always be some form of limitation on late night noise but we will help you manage your own late night noise levels to ensure that any local residents nearby are not disturbed.

4. We will provide a number of basic but essential facilities such as water, wood for fires, a toilet and waste disposal. This means you can experience a remote/wild camping location with the minimum amount of camping equipment and setting up / packing away etc etc.

5. All the relevant regulations and permissions have been considered and proper insurance is in place.