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The Private Camping Company always strives to maintain a good relationship with the local community, the local farmers and landowners while at the same time allowing our camping clients limited access some of the most beautiful, secluded and private areas of the Lake District.

Planning regulations allow all farmers and landowners just 28 days of "permitted development" per year with which they can use their land for nearly any temporary purpose, without needing to apply for planning permission. Our business is designed to help local farmers take advantage of this as a source of extra income and potentially as a gentle introduction to the possibilities of diversifying into the tourism / accomodation markets.

The issue of noise and disturbance is our greatest concern and a great deal of effort goes towards ensuring that this is kept within reasonable levels. We will always work closely with the local farmers to find the best locations for each camping group and more remote areas are selected for groups that we feel may cause more of a disturbance. During a camping weekend, the site is monitored regularly and if possible nearby residents are given contact details and are encouraged to contact us immediately should they feel the disturbance is too much.

The current system of "permitted development" - ensuring that the fields are returned to their original use for the majority of time - is very much in our interest, it is not our intention to create permanent campsites but to facilitate limited access to real working farms for short camping holidays.